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Little did I know

Winner of the 2018 Kill Your Darlings Unpublished Manuscript Award

I began writing Little did I know after an abstract dream of a dangerous stranger on a farm and a zero-tolerance regime.  It came to me around the time of the Sydney Lindt Café Siege and the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.  I still remember holding my breath when learning of the siege, then waiting and hoping as the hours slowed down.  It seemed the whole of Australia was holding its breath.  For me, it wasn’t only the fear of lives that held me captive to the screen, but also the prospect of the loss of freedoms, as a means to keep us safe.  And so, the idea for this story was born.

Little did I know explores the abuse of power and the control of women’s reproductive rights for political gain.  It is speculative feminist fiction, set in rural Western Australia.

While this story had its origins before the election of US President Trump and the clawing back of women’s reproductive rights, it is now more relevant than I had imagined it would be.

In July 2018, Little did I know was selected as the winner of the 2018 Kill Your Darlings Unpublished Manuscript Award.  As the winner, I will soon commence a mentorship with international best-selling author, Hannah Kent.

I hope to share this story with you one day, but for now, here’s a sneak peek.

Fliss’ life on the farm in Green Brook is safe.  There are early starts, sheep to raise and dirt beneath her nails.  News stories of crime and the government’s No Second Chances don’t really affect her small farming town.  Her secret had been safe all this time.

That is until the shock arrival of a young man on the run, who knows her crime.  Albey is the child Fliss illegally terminated twenty four years before.


Exposed is my newest work in progress, which I began in 2017 after waking to the sound of hacking laughter on the corner of my street.  Even from the dark, safety of my room, I felt unsettled.  A pack of young men, drunk and jibing at two in the morning.  Was it real or was it just a dream?  The unease stayed with me and in the days that followed, ignited an idea about the secret lives of young adults after dark.  Since then, it has grown into a story about the vagaries of alcohol and the shame of desire.  Here’s a sneak peek of Exposed.

Scott is dissatisfied with marriage and life.  There is little pleasure.  His wife Jo is distancing herself, the threads that once held them together have thinned with time.  A night of drinking at the local bar, is just the release that Scott is after.

Ben is a young university student who adores Mena, has adored her ever since they were kids, playing with his sister Luci at the park, swinging and swaying off trees and monkey bars.  A night of booze and wanting leads Mena to Ben and in the drunken haze that ensues, they abandon Luci, drunk and alone in the piercing winter fog.